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Designed to be more than just another piece of software, TOUCH is a single unified platform placing everything you need at your fingertips.

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TOUCH Overview and Features

Packed with features to help you run your fenestration business.

Product Data

The BM Group brings over 40 years in the industry and the experience of servicing over 75% of UK fabricators to the TOUCH product databases. This data is not only accurate to manufacturing precision, but has also been designed to allow product data to be seamlessly shared and published across the industry. That removes the need for manual updates and allows new products to be added at the TOUCH of a button.

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The beating heart of TOUCH is a new state-of-the-art processing engine. It has been designed from the ground up by a team with decades of industry experience and combines all the requirements of today's modern quoting and ordering systems - power, precision, speed and flexibility.

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TOUCH has been designed to operate with all modern IT infrastructure and across all platforms. From centralised and site-specific systems to virtual machines where required, TOUCH can be deployed on any device for any operating system.

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Secure Cloud

TOUCH is completely at home in the cloud; harnessing the power of the provider networks to allow your staff and customers keep in constant TOUCH. In today's climate, software security and resilience are obviously just as important as software features, so TOUCH comes with reassuring levels of backup and fall-over systems.

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Accurate Product

The saying "a picture paints a thousand words" may very well have been penned just for TOUCH. With the most advanced and detailed product imagery of any system available today, TOUCH not only provides an instant visual representation when processing but has a graphics standard designed to actively help in the sales process.

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Management Tools

TOUCH is more than just a design and pricing tool - it's a fully featured business management system as well. Building on the BM Group's unrivalled fabricator management systems; TOUCH provides the next generation of business administration for all sales sectors; trade, retail, commercial and newbuild and gives your staff the tools they need to do their job efficiently. In fact, TOUCH will very quickly become the newest member of your team bringing intelligence and automation to a fast-paced world.

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Why businesses love TOUCH.

"We will definitely be amongst the first companies to sign up to TOUCH Portal. We can already see that it's got the potential to transform the way that we serve our customers."

"It will give them a better experience and make us more efficient right across the board. We can't wait to get started”

Dekko Windows

"We're going to be early adopters of TOUCH because we can already see the competitive advantage it will give us in the trade. It will truly revolutionise the customer experience – both for our installers and in turn their retail buyers.

"Having seen all the demo's, we like the fact that it's a complete end to end solution from the industry's number one software provider. That gives us complete confidence that our investment will pay dividends."

The Heritage Window Company

"We're already promoting TOUCH as part of the package of support for our Signature Stockists. Giving these trade customers the tools they need to capture online leads and ultimately orders direct from homeowners is a massive benefit to them and obviously to us as well.

"Everything about the software just works - the interface, the graphics, the business management features and the interconnectivity. It's the biggest software advance in this industry for years."

Pearl Windows

Latest news from TOUCH.

More Investment at BM TOUCH

We are continuing to invest in our new TOUCH software platform and have expanded our sales team.

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Don't miss the January sale

There's one very special bargain on offer in this year's January sales.

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Time to go shopping for software

The TOUCH software store is now... OPEN!

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TOUCH Vendor available from 6th January 2021

The TOUCH Vendor store will open on 6th January 2021. You can still register your details in advance.

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